December 18, 2011, Fourth Sunday of Advent

"You have found favor with God. You shall conceive and bear a son and give him the name Jesus." (Luke 1)


1. 2 Samuel 7, 1-5, 8-12, 14, 16
2. Romans 16, 25-27
3. Gospel Luke 1, 26-38                        
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REFLECTION: Jesus came to be the light. His words tell us how to find our way out of the dark. His actions give us a model for how to live in the light. His power living in us (The Holy Spirit) gives light to our minds, strength to our wills, and wisdom to our hearts. It is an energy source that never runs out. During these final days before Christmas, let us join with the Church everywhere in calling forth the light of God.

PRAYER: Lord, as we celebrate your coming and witness many lights of the season, may we make them each a prayer to you, the Light of the World.


Monday: As Christmas Eve draws near, gather with the family to pray the Joyful Mysteries (click here for video) of the Rosary. Pray for all families.

Tuesday: Spend some time today in silence in God’s presence.

Wednesday: Gather the family near to the crèche and pray for World Peace.

Thursday: As a family pray the Mysteries of Light (click here for video) of the Rosary.
Christmas Candles Clipart
Friday: Spend time thinking of light. Ask your family at the table what their happiest memory of light is.

Saturday: Keep the love and peace of Christmas alive by praying as a family for those who sent you Christmas cards.

PRAYER: Lord God, we have waited in darkness for the dawning of your light. May your Presence fill the whole earth with peace and justice. Amen.

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