2014 Try Prayer Contest USA

"Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief."

Try Prayer! It Works! 2014 Contest

Faith is a powerful tool in accepting Christ in our lives. We need to believe that Jesus and the Holy Mother Mary are there to guide and help us as we make our way through this world full of temptations and conflicting messages. The Fourth Joyful Mystery helps us understand the importance of faith. In The Presentation in the Temple, Simeon recognizes that Jesus is the Messiah. He has waited a lifetime to witness this moment and is rewarded for his faith.

This year’s theme – “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.” – is based on the Fourth Joyful Mystery. We all struggle with faith at times. How do you keep your faith during troubling times? What do you do to maintain your belief in Jesus and Mary when difficulties present themselves? How do you deepen your faith and strengthen your beliefs to remain committed to Christ?

The Presentation in the Temple shows us that faith is important. Believing in Jesus and Mary will help us make wise choices when faced with difficult decisions. The Fourth Joyful Mystery helps us understand the significance of accepting Christ on faith and trusting in his word.
Let Mary inspire your creativity in the form of artwork, a poem or an essay to show how you feel about The Presentation in the Temple. Good luck and God bless!

Open to Grades K-12
$100 US for each 1st place winner
$100 US to sponsor of each 1st place winner

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