The Rosary


Easter Sunday 2014

Easter Lillies

This is the Day that the Lord Made; Let Us be Glad and Rejoice (Psalm 118)

Easter is the “Feast of Feasts” or the “Solemnity of Solemnities” just as the Eucharist is the “Sacrament of Sacraments”. Easter is the oldest Christian feast, which celebrates Christ’s resurrection from the dead. It reveals Jesus’ humanity and divinity transcended into the glory of God. The empty tomb signifies that Christ’s body escaped the bonds of death and corruption. This event marks Christ as the first born from the dead, opening up the promise of eternal life to all. In Christ we live and move and have new Life. May this grace filled moment touch our lives with peace, happiness and love each and every day.

Joy! Joy! Joy! Alleluia!

Breaking the Bread

After the Resurrection of Jesus the Apostles recognized him in the Breaking of the Bread (Luke 24:13-35). Daily at the Eucharistic prayers of the Mass the Church remembers the Pascal Mystery, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and of course Mary the Mother of God is remembered in this prayer. With Mary pray the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary during this Easter time, rejoicing in the grace and love that has been given us through Christ.


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