Thousands of Rosaries, Many Thanks

The following are excerpts from a few of the hundreds of thank you letters sent to Holy Cross Family Ministries in gratitude for Rosaries received:

Thank you very much father. I did receive the two consignments of the Rosaries, each having 1,000 Rosaries . . . What beautiful and blessed gifts of our Lord Jesus and our beloved Mother Mary . . . Here it is a terrible attack of continuous rains, storms, and winds . . . There are many people who are awaiting to receive the Rosaries. I am going to give them at this time of fear and suffering, and lack of food and shelter. May our Lord and Mary provide them their shelter and food out of this prayer. Messengers for Mary, Tamil Nadu, South India

May the blessings of Our Heavenly Mother be with you, for making our children so happy with the Rosary you kindly sent them. Our Lady of Solace School, Bronx, New York, USA

I have given your Rosaries to my fellow nuns and our teachers to be distributed among their groups of students. Once again, one thousand thanks, and may God reward you for your generosity. With all my heart I entrust myself in your valuable prayers. Sister Olalde, Guadalupe, Mexico

We thank you so much for the noble apostolate you are doing for God and mankind. We pray for the ministry you are undertaking. Let Jesus and Mary bless you. St. Daniel Comboni Catholic Church, Uganda, Africa

Don't let others go without this simple and powerful us send more Rosaries now.