Weekly Prayer / Family Prayer

For your assistance in praying with the Church community this week, the liturgical Sunday readings read at all the masses are provided below, with some suggestions of activities that you and your family might do during the week to help sustain the messages of the Sunday gospel.

Please let us know if these suggestions are helpful for you or your family.

July 27, 2014, 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"The kingdom of God is like ..." (Matthew 13:44)


1 Kings 3:5, 7-12
Romans 8:28-30
Matthew 13:44-52
    Readings Here

REFLECTION: Jesus used lots of stories to get His message across. In fact, the Gospel readings for these mid-summer Sundays are almost entirely made up of stories that try to explain the Kingdom of God. Maybe we can find some of this Kingdom right around us in human life.

PRAYER: Lord, you gave us Jesus as our Savior and as an example of how to live in goodness. Teach us more and more how to follow in His ways of healing and generosity. Amen.


Monday: Think about some “treasures” you possess that you might have to sacrifice in exchange for the Kingdom of God.

Tuesday: Pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary  Video Here with your family today. Pray for those who are struggling with sacrifice for the Kingdom of God.

Wednesday:  Reflect on the good things in your family life.  How do they or can they serve the Kingdom of God?

God's Sunrise Act of Love Prayer

Thursday: Plan a family picnic today; celebrate peace in your family.

Friday: Read something today that will help you to understand better what is meant by “The Kingdom of God.”

Saturday: Do something today that will hand on your faith to future generations.


PRAYER: Lord, your life and Your Kingdom are all around us. Help us to recognize you and your work in our lives. Fill us with hope and strength to live as you would wish. Amen.

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