How To Teach The Rosary

Teaching The RosaryTeaching the Rosary can be both fun and inspiring for everyone. The important thing is to be energetic and engaging..make it interesting, fun and prayerful.

Introduction to the Rosary:

Begin by explaining there are six (6) basic prayers needed to pray the Rosary.

Reinforce by asking the individual or group to repeat the number of prayers and then pray them.
You may also ask them to pray the prayers together if you are in a home setting.

Introducing the Mysteries: 

Now ask the person what they already know about Jesus.  As they mention what they know about Jesus connect what they say to the mysteries of the Rosary.  For example:

  • When they mention Jesus’ birth you can say that is the 3rd Joyful Mystery The Nativity of the Lord.
  • When they mention Jesus rose from the dead you can say that is the 1st Glorious Mystery the Resurrection and so on.
  • Invite them to look at the events in their own life and relate them to one of the mysteries of the Rosary. Example: The Carrying of the Cross – name a cross you carry now. Ask how do we carry our crosses and how do we help others carry theirs.

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