Family Rosary’s Mobile Rosary with Audio & Prayer of the Day

Mobile RosarySitting in traffic or waiting in line? Wasted time or prayer time? Your call.

With Family Rosary’s Mobile Rosary it’s prayer time with Mary. A traditional Rosary with soothing audio and the text of each prayer.

The Mobile Rosary allows you to dedicate each Rosary to a cause or intention. You can share your prayer intention on Facebook or Twitter, so your friends and family know you are praying for them. Also, we include an inspirational Prayer of the Day to keep you going.

If you are learning the Rosary, there is no easier way than Family Rosary’s Mobile Rosary. Those who pray the Rosary regularly will love how the audio guides you through the prayers.


  • Pray the Rosary on your phone or tablet
  • Soothing audio
  • Learn more about the Mysteries
  • Shows text for each prayer to help those just learning
  • Select an intention or cause to pray for each time
  • Share your cause with Facebook or Twitter
  • Includes our inspiring Prayer of the Day, which can be shared to Facebook & Twitter


Mobile Rosary Mobile Rosary