Advent Offers Joy

“Many will rejoice because of his birth.” Luke 1:14

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Leading Others to Joy

The holidays can be a difficult time for many. In prayer and good works, you can bring joy for those struggling.

Offer special intentions for those who need to be raised up.

Instilling Joy

A new Liturgical Year begins with great excitement and joy for what’s to come.  

Continue observing Advent with daily activities from’s Advent Calendar.

Joy Remains

With all the busyness this time of year brings, be sure to remind your family what you’re preparing for!

Strengthen your relationship with Jesus through Mary in our Try Prayer! It Works! Contest.

Strengthen Your Family Through Prayer

Prayer brings us peace. Think about how beneficial that could be as a family.

When we share prayer we grow closer to each other and to God.

Some ideas to help you and your family observe Advent.

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“Praying the Rosary brings me peace.”

Let us know how prayers have helped you and your family or how we can further support you with spiritual family resources.

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