Abundant Blessings

Blessing your children is a simple, yet powerful way to flood their hearts with God’s grace.

For tips and a little history about this practice, read the eBook Blessing Your Children.

Forgiveness Heals

“If you forgive others their transgressions, your heavenly Father will forgive you.” Matthew 6:14

We join you in prayer for your family’s healing and unity as you offer your intentions.

Prayer on the Go

With our new Daily Family Prayer app, you’ll have prayer in your pocket wherever you go.

Available on iTunes and Google Play!

Mary, The New Eve

We're pleased to announce the winners of this year's "Try Prayer! It Works!" Contest! Thank you to all who participated! We hope it gave you and your family the opportunity to reflect more on the role that Mary plays in your lives and encourages you to pray for her intercession.

Find out more about this contest and see the winning entries here!

Strengthen Your Family Through Prayer

Prayer brings us peace. Think about how beneficial that could be as a family.

When we share prayer we grow closer to each other and to God.

How do we keep our children involved in faith as they grow?

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A children’s story to better help you and your family understand the history of this celebration.

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“Praying the Rosary brings me peace.”

Let us know how prayers have helped you and your family or how we can further support you with spiritual family resources.

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