Too busy to pray?

Your family is busy! Busier than ever. We know it's hard for you to find the time to pray so we created a Daily Family Reflection available via email or app.

“If families give Our Lady fifteen minutes a day by reciting the Rosary, I assure them that their homes will become, by God’s grace, peaceful places.”

Venerable Patrick Peyton

Prayer Tips

Include all members of the family. Let one child lead the Sign of the Cross. Another say an "Our Father." Another can offer a thought about what he or she is thankful for. It can be simple, yet beautiful and very personal for your family.

Prayer Tips

Let each child pick "their" day to create and lead a prayer. They can simply say a beautiful "Hail Mary" or share their own prayer or conversation with God. There is no right or wrong! Just pray because The Family That Prays Together Stays Together.